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09 Juli 2008

Indonesia in Crisis

Oil world increase of price trigger crisis appearance [in] almost entire/all state [in] world of[is including Indonesia. For the Indonesia of this oil increase of price trigger various problem [at] various area, like economics and politics and also social. Political to from the aspect of emerge to feel is unconvinced [of] Parliament ( DPR) to government so that emerge enquette rights concerning policy [of] Fuel Oil ( BBM). Economic to from the aspect of emerge increase [of] price, pushing inflation [at] a peg higher. Social to from the aspect of emerge various social trouble like appearance demonstrate as disgruntled statement to governmental policy.

Appearance various this reaction can be tolerated because BBM represent needed goods by everybody. Increase of price BBM will depress economic expenditure from each and everyone and every body will feel annoyed.

seen [at] condition of home affairs, our find the happening of use [of] BBM which mounting. requirement [of] Domestic to BBM show remarkable improvement because have happened change [of] pattern live urban community and countryside, in line with economic growth and culture. [In] town, use [of] electronic goods in domestic push use [of] ever greater BBM. Not to mention us reckon growth [of] town, increase of[is amount of and resident transfer [of] resident from countryside to town. All this cause push use [of] BBM excelsior.

Governance institute also that way. In line with progress [of] governance and to heighten governmental officer work productivity, most of all governmental office specially [in] town use air conditioner. And so it is with growth [of] industrial sector and commerce needing many BBM.

[Is] but seen from the aspect of the availaibility of BBM hence its growth remain to. [All] is expert [of] oil even express its growth [of] negativity. Thereby happened big difference [among/between] and request availability [of] BBM in Indonesia. big difference happened [in] BBM price moment bounce up governmental to high so that become to muddle. BBM [is] goods getting subsidy from government. That mean government have to pay [for] subsidy in number very big. Is not wrong if told [by] Indonesia in crisis. Availaibility of low BBM, request go up, high BBM price, high inflation, economics walk is tardy, government find difficulties [in] greeting provide subsidy fund.

04 Juli 2008

Parliament enquette rights

Enquette [is] DPR rights. Choice increase price Fuel oil only a policy which all the time by [party/ side] of[is including government [is] difficult choice.

Increase price, more than anything else Fuel oil price, is not choice which politically profit government, more than anything else decision taken [by] before legislative general election and election [of] president in the year 2009. Government allow the release of its[his] it. That thing sensible if comprehended [by] [all] DPR member of[is including executing enquette rights.

From that logic, [is] crystal clear with choice increase price Fuel oil, governmental prioritize better assumed policy choice [it] to importance [of] state and people from [at] importance [of] its politics. Meanwhile, we also enunciated, economic policy in face of Fuel oil increase of price and food [in] global market is not modestly, but very complex.

From that facet, DPR step make government have to be more be comprehensive and careful test to repeat consideration increase price fuel. From that facet [of] DPR enquette rights share is positive. Positive though, use [of] that rights at the same time also bother governmental concentration to find equipment [of] policy increase price fuel as positive as possible, as consistent as possible, at the same time to obviate heavier burden to publics.

use [of] this Rights enquette also sue political ethics and convention [of] democracy which (it) is true still we have to wake up with. common sense And [common/ public] praktik about democracy assume, DPR member from governmental coalition member party [do] not support use [of] enquette opposing and suing governmental policy. More konkret again, ethicsly political and common sense, dissonant and is not consistent if party which [is] its member sit as minister follow to support the the rights. Logical if that problem [is] upraised upon which criticize and polemic.

This is challenge [is] most off all faced [by] government. To the anything, in complexity and its it[him] problem which must prioritize [is] and safety prosperity [of] publics.

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